Besides executive recruitment, we also provide other related services.

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Our practitioners’ turned consultants assist organizations convert strategy into reality using technology. Implementation is the biggest challenge senior managers’ face today. Best strategies often fail due to lack of quality execution. That is where our practitioners assist businesses plan and implement strategic initiative.

Our senior resources bring decades of real life experiences managing and building businesses in Asia. They have acquired valuable insights and people skills at leading companies such as Citibank, ANZ, P&G, Standard Chartered, Reuters and HSBC. Their practical hand on approach brings the difference. Our senior practitioners’ provide the following services:


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  • Assisted a large local bank in Indonesia develop and implement a series of technology based business initiatives including selecting and implementing a new treasury & capital markets platform, trade finance solution and, MIS/ data warehouse and new core banking solution.
  • Assisted a large regional Bank in Singapore evaluate off-shoring alternatives.
  • Assisted a niche European Private Bank evaluate market opportunities and market entry strategies into China.
  • Assisted a payment solutions company evaluate market entry strategy into India.
  • Assisted a European Insurance company launch their consumer finance operations in Vietnam.
  • Assisted a large International Bank dimension the market opportunity for private banking/ wealth management business in 8 markets in Asia & Middle East.
  • Planned and implemented a new modern bank on a turnkey basis in Laos and hired the senior management team.
  • Assisted large Indonesian bank develop and implement a new sales model for their retail franchise.
  • Designed and implemented a new credit and sales model for small and medium size (SME) business.[/toggle] [/toggles]


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Our Consultants are ex-practitioners who bring in deep domain knowledge to assist our clients in the design and implementation of their business and technology initiatives. The roles can be diverse and include operations, finance, sales and marketing, and manufacturing. Providing leadership with clear vision and desired end, managing change and working with those within the organization to achieve it. Our Consultants are highly focused on meeting their short-term goals and work on a part time basis but deliver significantly more output than a permanent employee could hope to achieve.

Interim Management is gaining world-wide acceptance as a prudent, cost-effective way of applying proven, mature and disciplined senior management talent to the short-term complexities of running a profitable business in today’s highly competitive business climate.

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Interim Management – we deploy experienced professionals as Interim Managers on a short to medium project basis. Our resources work as an integral part of the client organization and under client management.

  • Interim CFO for a large Asian Regional Bank in Indonesia.
  • Interim Program Manager for a global IT firm in Thailand.
  • Interim Black Belt Re-engineering Managers for a Global Bank in UK & India.
  • Interim Program Managers for vendor selection and implementation for a leading Bank in Indonesia.[/toggle] [/toggles]
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Quest Master Class

Quest Master Class training sessions bring the relevant and practical expertise and insights delivered by expert trainers with hands-on expertise in the subject area at leading organizations. The sessions are delivered in a comfortable venue thus providing attendees opportunity learn from the practitioners and develop lasting networks with fellow successful professionals.

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