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Organizations can afford to make mistakes in hiring; individuals cannot, a bad career move can be too costly.

We work with our candidates to understand their career goals and help them explore suitable opportunities that help them realize their career goals.

We believe that the success of the individual we place is a key measure of how well we have done our job. Because that would mean that both the employers and the employees have benefited.


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Employment for life is gone.

Your bosses and HR Managers may help but companies no longer plan career for their employees.

You have to manage your career to plan and achieve your goals.

And this begins with knowing how well your career is going?

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What is the value of your career?

A lot but not many of us have given it a serious thought.

Think as if you are running a company called Myself Inc. You are the CEO of this company.

What is the value of the company? What can you do to increase the value of this company?

If you could improve the value of this company by 10%, how much will that be?



NPV-FV Calculation

Total income per annum

  Worth of your career ahead in today’s prices.

  Worth of your career in prices at your retirement date.

Today your career is worth 0 Million


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Your career is important.

Economic success- while not panacea- is critical to realizing your life’s goals.

We come across brilliant professionals who are so absorbed in their jobs that they have no career goals and career plans.

Many people do not understand the importance of pro active career management until they are let go or their business units sold or some such terrible things happen. Which do happen.

We invite you to take charge of your career and realize your goals.

Career Advisory Services- helps individuals manage their career. Our Career Coaches work with you to define your career goals, develop your career plans and peridocally review your career growth.

Career Transition Services- helps companies assist their emplopees who are affected in re-structuring or M&A. Our Career Coaches help affected employees overcome the initial shock and help them develop and excute their individual career transition plan.